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Tomcat provides support for WebSocket as defined by RFC 6455. This feature is not yet finalised and you are encouraged to provide feedback in the form of bug reports (via Bugzilla), suggested API changes (via the dev list) or other comments (again via the dev list).

Application development

The API used for application development has not yet been finalised. Rather than document something here that will quickly be out of date, please see the Javadoc for the org.apache.catalina.websocket package. The Javadoc pages are not included with Tomcat binary distributions. To view them locally you would have to download and install "Full documentation" distribution, or build it from sources. You can also read this on the Apache Tomcat web site. Start with the WebSocketServlet class.

There are also several example applications that demonstrate how the WebSocket API can be used. You'll need to look at both the client side html and the server side code.

Do keep in mind that the API is fluid and is likely to change, possibly significantly, between point releases. The documentation will be updated once the API is considered stable (unlikely to be until JSR 356 is complete).

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